Field Sales Reps

Our representatives are ready to handle your call.  Just call, stop by, or even drop us an email and we will call you.

We have a full staff dedicated to Personal, Prompt, and Professional Service.

Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota

Mike Dutton
Email: mike@dakotasteelandtrim.com
Phone: 605-368-0237

Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota

Bob Thompson
Email: bob@dakotasteelandtrim.com
Phone: 507-720-5782

Iowa, South Dakota

Travis Plathe
Email: travis@dakotasteelandtrim.com
Phone: 605-743-4287


Inside Sales

Kevin Decker
Email: kevin@dakotasteelandtrim.com
Phone: 605-987-9080

Chuck Vockler
Email: dstsales@dakotasteelandtrim.com
Phone: 605-987-9080

President, Leonard Decker

Vice President, Casey Kullman

For Best Service